Nayak Team in Focus: an interview with Ana Rey

26 November 2021

This week we had the chance to sit down and talk with Ana Rey. Ana recently joined Yellow Technic by Nayak and is already seen as a valued member of the team. As of September, Ana is working as a B1 Aircraft maintenance engineer in Barcelona. Her job responsibilities mainly include carrying out line maintenance and scheduled overnight maintenance work on Vuelings fleet of A320 family aircraft. She is very excited for her new role as she sees it as a great step forward in developing her career with such a well-established company.

Ana has always had a love for aviation and has now been working for just over 14 years in the industry as an aircraft maintenance engineer. Starting in 2008 with the Turboprop Metro Fairchild in Top Fly and following it soon after with the ATR 52/ATR72 in Binter Technic, she has had the opportunity of working with several different MRO organizations that support the Airbus and Boeing family around Europe. Within the last 3 years she has worked in Italy, France, Germany and the UK with well-known companies such as Norwegian, TUI, Ryanair and Transavia and boasts an impressive list of endorsements on her license that include A320, CFM56,V2500,PW1100G and B737NG type ratings.

I asked Ana how she felt working in an industry which is generally so male-dominated and she answered directly that she is proud of the work she does. Not just because of what she does but because her work is who she is. Being an engineer is not just who she is as a woman but who she is as a person. It is what she is most passionate about and what gives her the most enjoyment. Aircraft have always been her friends throughout her life. She speaks their language and they in turn speak with her. Nothing can change that and she is proud that she has been allowed to be herself as a woman.

“ As long as I can swing a wrench I will never stop fighting for equality in my line of work

Ana says that although she has had some negative experiences with mens behaviour towards her in past jobs, she has been met with a level of acceptance in her current workplace that, many years ago, she feared would be impossible. She admits that she truly respects those that have showed her kindness and understanding and that she is a lucky to have found a position at Yellow Technic which already feels like home.

When asked about what she has liked best so far at Nayak, she says that it has been working on the engines. She was also incredibly excited to complete the A320 PW1100G differences course from CEO that Nayak offers. She loves learning about new planes and feels like a child in a candy store when she gets to work on a new one. She has also appreciated the teamwork that everybody puts in, the maintenance execution in general as well as the professional approach that Yellow Technic staff take to their work.

Finally I asked Ana if she had any advice for others and she said that it is most important to stay yourself. Even if you feel like a girl in a mens world or if others try to tell you your place, don’t be afraid. Don’t let others make you feel small when you show your talent and energy. Don’t wait to be told your place. Take it. Don’t wait for people to find you. Find them in your work, love and life. And to those who are just starting out: don’t be afraid to try something new and use every opportunity you will get on the way. Don’t be discouraged to say you have never done something before; everybody has a beginning. Believe in yourself and persevere and face your fears. Believe in yourself and the knowledge that there is something greater inside you than any obstacle!

“ I want to thank everybody that has believed in me”

Thank you so much to Ana for this great interview and we wish you all of the best for your future at Yellow Technic!

Yellow technic celebrates together!

17 November 2021

Yesterday, Yellow technic by Nayak celebrated in Barcelona with inspirational talks, delicious food, goodie bags and an exciting raffle with big prizes. Since Yellow technic has grown exponentially in the last few months since its inception, the team took the opportunity to come together and share in our successes and everything we have achieved.

Yellow technic has gone from strength to strength. Becoming a reliable team that works safely and accurately but also with a family atmosphere. We value the hard-work that our team has put in while working together; everybody from the certified engineers, office staff and of course our management. We know that more good things are to come and that we will continue to grow strong as a team.

New A220 approval

15 November 2021

After our previous post about our A220 trainings, we are now proud to announce we have our A220 approval certificate!

Nayak has officially received the approval to perform services and maintenance on the Airbus A220. Last month we reported how our team had completed an A220 training after the theoretical learning and practical training were completed. The requested approval update is granted by the LBA and we are proud to announce that we will be supporting A220 at several different locations soon. To start off our team will be supporting A220’s at BER airport. More stations will follow like MUC and HAM and many other airports are in our future planning. Being able to perform maintenance service on the A220 is just another way that Nayak is working hard to provide a service that is not only up to date with the newest technology but also offers a wide array of services to our clients, whatever and wherever they may need it.

Houston …no problem in BCN!

8 November 2021

Welcome to the control room! In Barcelona, Yellow Technic by Nayak works hard every day to make sure all Vuelings aircraft are well maintained. The process is managed and monitored from The Control Room. This is a special room equipped with state of the art technologies to receive the information, address actions, check status and updates from the customer. Behind monitors and wide screens our MCC guys work hard to make sure everything is working properly.

The MCC control room is very powerful since it allows the team to answer and manage an AOG situation in the shortest time possible, sending the info directly to the right people. Everything in the process is automated to process information optimally: a process and design that that was optimized by our Project Manager for Developments and innovation Federico Franco ( see image). Thank you for your hard work Federico!

Airbus birdstrike!

27 October 2021

Recently an Airbus A320 with CFM-56 engines suffered a birdstrike and Nayak was called in to help out. While flying through a flock of birds, this Airbus was hit by no less then 16 seagulls, several birds even going right through the engine and causing high vibrations. The team immediately returned to base to get things checked out.

Initial damage by the local team showed damaged fanblades, acoustic lining and outlet guide vanes. As birds had gone through the engine a boroscope was necessary. Nayak stepped in to perform an intensive boroscope of the booster, high pressure compressor stage 1-4-8 and combustion chamber. A DFDR download was also completed for analysis by Airbus. No internal engine damage was found however there was some damage to multiple fanblades and these were removed and replaced. Final repairs were then done at home base by our local Nayak team


We want to thank everybody we could meet up with at this years IATP and MRO: Europe conference!

25 October 2021

It was really great to be able to chat with old friends and new clients about solutions that could be tailored for their individual aviation needs. We are always ready for a new challenge and thoroughly enjoy coming up with new ideas for solving complex complaints that our clients may have. This flexibility and ability to solve big AOG’s is one of many reasons why we have been trusted in the aviation industry for over 45 years and we look forward to serving you for many years in the future! If you also want to get in contact with us about providing a solution for your MRO needs, don’t hesitate to contact us at


Did you know? Nayak offers flying spanner capabilities!

11 October 2021

This means that last-minute fliers and those who need a licensed mechanic at their destination airport won’t have to worry!

Nayak offers a flying spanner service that provides maintenance service worldwide upon request. No matter where you are going and what your maintenance needs, we have many experienced engineers within our staff that will fly with you and thereby secure a safe flight home! Our engineers fly with a toolbox that is fully equipped and any other tools upon requirement.

If you have any questions or would like to request our flying spanner services you can contact our team at:


We are proud to announce that as of the 4th of October, Nayak is offering full home-based support to commercial airline carrier TUI in Frankfurt.

7 October 2021

TUIs fleet includes up to 12 home based tails (B737 NG and B737 MAX) in Munich, Frankfurt and Stuttgart. Over the last month, the Nayak team has been working hard preparing for TUI by recruiting and adding several new and talented staff members to the team so that we are at 100% strength for our start date. We look forward to building our relationship with TUI and hope that our partnership will continue to grow in Frankfurt as well as Stuttgart and Munich.

Time lapse video of landing gear change on Airbus A330-300 at our Nayak DUS hangar.

5 October 2021

Recently our team (in cooperation with SAFRAN) performed a full landing gear replacement on behalf of Aer Lease Cooperation in 6 days ground time.

Check out the shorter highlight reel here

or the extended 8 minute version here:

Congratulations to our Nayak Colleagues for completing an intensive A220 training!

24 September 2021

This training included both theoretical learning as well as practical training on the aircraft. Our engineers are now fully equipped with the knowledge to ensure both safety and the upkeep of the new technology that comes with the A220. The next steps are in progress to obtain the A220 on the company approval. Thank you to all involved!

Nayak Team in Focus: An interview with Tim Claaßen, intern in Duesseldorf, training as an aircraft mechanic.

20 September 2021

In September 2019, Tim Claaßen( 22) , started his apprenticeship at Nayak. After finishing his basic training and his first block at school, he started working at Nayak from February 2020 officially. There he assigned to a training officer to gain experience. Not long after that, Tim responded to a request to become part of the Sheetmetal team, he did this as he had done a fair amount of work on the topic of Sheetmetal, in his group and at the side of his training officer. In March of 2020 he took part in a SRM (Structural Repair Management) course in which he learnt how to deal with structural damages on Boeings and Airbuses. Through this course he was able to gain the knowledge and started helping with structural work in the Nayak hangar.

Currently, due to the pandemic and the associated short-time work, the groups he was in at the beginning of his training have changed. He now works with different people more often and thereby gets to know more people and different tasks. Most of the work they do these days is in the hangar. At the start of the shift the work is distributed, and he works on a task together with another colleague.

What defines working at Nayak for Tim, is most of all the family atmosphere. Many colleagues have known each other for a number of years and are well coordinated as a team. As an intern, Tim is treated well and always finds support when he needs it. Many colleagues are enthusiastic about passing on their knowledge. In particular Tim has come to appreciate the teamwork aspect of working at Nayak: if a problem can not be solved directly, they work together to find a solution. Thanks to the years of experience that his colleagues have, there is always somebody that can help out. Tim notes that another thing he enjoys about his work is the great variety of tasks. He gets to work on several different parts of the aircraft and therefor never gets bored. Even though he has done some tasks many times, there are also work orders that have him work on new areas and he is constantly learning.

As an intern, Tim feels that it is important to gain new experiences every day and to listen well to the information that can be gained from his colleagues. Besides this, he also appreciates the quiet working environment as it is important for errors not to occur due to stress. Additionally, the courses he received as an intern have certainly helped him. He attended several courses with his trainer, during which they learnt theoretical content and then followed this with a trainee workshop in which they could physically do the work. Certain other courses given by Nayak were purely theoretical, but all of them were necessary for his later qualification as a CAT A technician.

We would like to thank Tim for taking the time to take part in this Interview!

Obituary: Onno Van Middelkoop

13 September 2021

This last week, the sad news reached us of our colleague Onno Van Middelkoops passing. Onno passed away on September 8th.

Although Onno became ill and his physical strength declined, his mind stayed bright: a true testament to pure perseverance and willpower, in good times and in bad. Handling aircraft, his passion, Onno continued to perform CRS’es until the very end.

Onno has worked for Nayak Aircraft Service for 5 years, taken over from British Airways. An excellent engineer, an Amsterdammer, an enthusiast and a man who indicated what he thought, both positively and negatively. When Onno was not very pleased, he had his opinion ready, whether you appreciated that or not. He was always calm and did not let himself be fooled. He took ownership and responsibility for his work.

He loved airplanes and Schiphol. A fact that was deeply entwined with his identity. His entire working life on those few square kilometers. He breathed it. He has grown with it and is known for it in the broadest sense.

Onno was truly a striking person that gave color to even the most mundane tasks and he will truly be missed as a member of the Nayak family. We wish Anja, his family, relatives and colleagues all the strength to deal with this great and difficult loss.
Rest in peace Onno,
The Nayak team

We are proud to announce that our German approval EASA certification has now been upgraded with the UK.145.01500. certification!

9 September 2021

With the help of this certificate, we will be able to perform maintenance and safety checks on planes originating from the UK even after the Post-Brexit transition phase. The UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has issued a grace period till 31-12-22 after which the previous European (EASA DE.145.0124) maintenance approval will no longer be valid. Gaining this certificate means that Nayak’s partners that may have UK based planes can rest easy in the knowledge that we can support them as before with our capable and professional services.

Yesterday marked the official launch of Nayaks joint venture with Vueling, “ Yellow Technic"

2 September 2021

This partnership will have Nayak providing line maintenance and scheduled overnight maintenance to Vueling at its main base in Barcelona and will include Vuelings fleet of A320 planes from the Airbus family. To meet Vuelings needs Yellow Technic will employ about 200 staff. This venture is a completely new way of doing things as it involves the client as a part-owner. It means that through its share in Yellow Technic, Vueling will be able to monitor performance and costs better. It will truly be the birth of a new kind of relationship in which Nayak is not only a supplier to Vueling but also a partner and colleague.

Nayak team in focus: René Hurstjes- volunteer fire-fighter

27 August 2021

Nayak team in focus: René Hurstjes- volunteer fire-fighter

Today, we had the opportunity to sit down with a younger member of the team who not only works as an engineer but as a volunteer firefighter who played a role in the recent rescue efforts during the floods in NRW, Germany. These floods caused massive damages and killed 160 people. Many others were left homeless and it is only through the effort of volunteers like René that a large scale rescue and evacuation effort could be completed.

But who is René Hurstjes? René (26) started his career in training as an aircraft mechanic at Airberlin Technik back in 2011. Completing his training in 2015 he went on to work in the sheet metal repairs shop and then, two years later, switched to working in line maintenance after receiving his CAT-A license. With the bankruptcy of Airberlin Technik , he then made the move to Nayak where he received his B1 license with the first registration of the Dash-8 Q400 in Spring 2020.He currently works as a B1 technician in the Nayak line maintenance performing various A-checks, engine changes and other diverse projects such as gear changes or larger structural work. During all this time he has also been a member of the volunteer Fire brigade in his hometown Duesseldorf. Starting when he was 18, he did a year of basic training and then took part in several courses(on weekends). Besides the general tasks as a firefighter,he also specialized in accidents with CBRN (chemical, biological, radioactive, nuclear) substances and by the age of 21, he was the youngest in the unit to have completed the group leader course. Today he not only supports the CBRN training of other recruits but is also responsible for leading the youth fire fighters (age 10-18).

Floods in Duesseldorf and Erftstadt

 On Monday, I would have never guessed that my week would develop in this way…”  

 René was just finishing a course in the town of Ahrweiler on Wednesday, when they recieved news of the floods in North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW). 2 hours after leaving Ahrweiler, he first saw images of the town he had just left and was shocked to realize that in the place he had been standing only two hours before, everything was underwater and buried in mud. In the mean time he had arrived back in Duesseldorf where the situation was very tense. Several parts oft he city were underwater and dozens of people were trapped in vehicles and underwater. Roughly about 1200 different missions were underway to help people. The one that René remembers most clearly is one that he took over as a group leader. A person had been taken by surprise by the large amounts of water and flooding and had become trapped in their bedroom. Unable to open the door because oft he water pressure, they had ended up drowning. It had been Renés job to pump the water out of this home and retrieve the deceased persons body.

 After five days of emptying the basement, rescuing people and transporting sandbags, calm slowly returned to Duesseldorf. 18 hours after leaving the fire station, his pager went off, alerting him to a new emergency in the district of Euskirchen. With 30 men and women they drove out to Steinbachtalsperre in Erftstadt with a large pump. There they had to assist with emptying a dam that was showing threats of cracking under the weight of the floods. A complete break would have resulted in the flooding of the nearby towns and the loss of many lives. Altogether with over 300 people they pumped millions of liters of water, taking 24 hours shifts to achieve the monumental task. After a week, they had pumped off enough water to be able to dismantle the pumps and go back home to Duesseldorf. Up till today, thousands of volunteers are still working in this flood disaster area to help clear and fix things.

Many people ask René how he does it considering his full-time job at Nayak. He explains that he gets special leave for trainings and assignments. If his pager goes off at work( which does happen 3-5 times a year) his colleagues and team lead know whats up and immediately take over his tasks where possible. Of course you do have to weigh up if the emergency is time critical. An oil spill for instance does not have priority but when peoples lives are in danger from a fire or accidents involving dangerous materials he will try to leave immediately when possible. At this point it‘s important to remember that 90% of the fire protection in Germany is carried out by volunteers. This includes everything from a cat stuck in a tree to an actual traffic accident with a 4 person family.

We would like to thank René for this his interview and recommend him for all the great work he does. Thank you for being part of the Nayak family and for showing that your dedication René!

HERE WE ARE! This October the Nayak Team will be present at two conferences!

23 August 2021

The IATP conference in Copenhagen in Denmark and The MRO Europe conference at the RAI in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Have you always wanted to meet the team or do you have questions about our capabilities and how we can help you best? Then come meet us or arrange a meeting!

IATP: 15th-20th of October
Sergio Scalera
Matteo Picchio
Adi Mor
Andreas Reichert
Marco Smit

MRO Europe: 19th-21th of October
Sergio Scalera
Matteo Picchio
Adi Mor
Andreas Reichert
Marco Smit
Jörg Sauerland

Nayak team in focus: an interview with Alberto Gafo

16 August 2021

Nayak team in focus: an interview With Alberto Gafo

Today we sit down with Nayaks “Yellow Technic” managing director Alberto Gafo. Although he has only been with Nayak for three years now, Alberto has a rich history in the aviation industry. Back in 1996 when he first started his career, he was working for the Spanish Air Force and making a name as an Aircraft engineering mechanic. After that he would go on to work as a helicopter certifying engineer, a license aircraft engineer, a qualified inspector, an MOC supervisor, a maintenance manager and finally a regional manager at Nayak and now the managing director of Nayaks joint venture with Vueling ,” Yellow Technic”. This means that he has worked in the aviation industry for an amazing 25 years now!

Looking back, he smiles as he recalls all the different things he has done. 

     “ I am learning and growing everyday” 

Joining Nayak in 2019, he decided to sign on when he heard that Nayak would be opening their first station in Spain and that they wanted him to become the regional manager. Along with Sergio Sclera he initiated the many tasks associated with this project including the rental of facilities, getting approvals, hiring the first engineers etc. From the moment Nayak assisted their first A320 Easyjet aircraft on the 10th of March, a day that Alberto will never forget, the Spanish operation grew in leaps and bounds in his capable hands, opening a second station in Spain and assisting well-known names such as Delta, Qatar, Kuwait and the BA Citi flyer. One of the greatest challenges that he faced was when Covid hit and they had to close the station in Malaga and lay off many engineers in Barcelona. Yet he took this as an opportunity to search for new opportunities and ventures that Nayak could expand into and that is how the venture with Vueling was born. Now he is the Managing Director of “Yellow Technic”: a cooperation with Vueling that will officially begin on September 1st and includes the maintenance and technical support of Vuelings fleet of A320 narrow-body aircrafts.

When considering what he likes best about working at Nayak he says that it’s the family-feeling. He also really enjoys the fact that all opinions are always taken into consideration and evaluated. Additionally, even on days where you may not personally be doing so well, there are others at Nayak who will lend you a hand and help you out. Finally, his advice to those who are just starting out at Nayak: you may be highly qualified and professional, but everybody has a problem now and then. Don’t be afraid to work on solving that problem together as a team. Using good teamwork, you will be able to solve 100% of the problems that you may face!

Thank you to Alberto Gafo for the great interview!

Nayak prepares for the future with A220 training

12 August 2021

It has been just over 2 weeks since several employees at Nayak started an intensive training course focused on the A220 type. This training is an important part of achieving a “Type Rating” and an integral step in investing for the future of our clients. It ensures that all our mechanics are up to date on a diverse range of safety measures and new technology. Together with our partners we thus pave the way into a future that is both forward thinking and puts the emphasis on knowledge and technical safety. We asked one of the current participants, Jörg Fricke what he thought of the training and he had this to say
“I’m very glad to be able to attend this course as you can tell that the teachers are immensely passionate when speaking about the material. Its like I am seeing a completely new side of aircraft maintenance by learning about the newest avionic systems and measures. I really appreciate the fact that Nayak gave us the opportunity to attend such an interesting course.”

We hope that the rest of the training is as enjoyable as the first two weeks! Keep up the hard work guys!

Engine replacement in Barcelona

05 August 2021

Recently the Nayak team spent 8,5 days replacing 6 engines at one of our valued clients in Barcelona. Our talented team consisted of 5 team members (Certifying Engineers B1/C and CAT A). 4 from Nayaks German team in Düsseldorf, as well as 1 from Vienna. They were supported in their efforts by a local liason engineer from the Nayak station in Barcelona.

The scope of their work covered the removal and installation of 6 engines on Airbus A320-214 und A320-216 types. This also included engine forward mount replacement, engine thrust programming and related functional checks. Our hard working team worked tirelessly on the installation and finished 2 days early! Truly the mark of a team that is both efficient and reliable. Well done guys!

41 Years at Nayak, a look back with Alfred Wengler

28 Julyl 2021

About 2 months ago our colleague Alfred Wengler retired after a long and successful career of over 41 years at Nayak. We recently caught up with Alfred to find out how retirement is treating him and to find out a little bit more about him. After all, he has been at Nayak the longest and has had an interesting journey, both in what he has seen and in what he has done.

Alfred started his career in 1972 as an aircraft technician, moving on 4 years later to work at the German Luftwaffe where he worked as a specialist for Phantom F4 Engines on Fighter jets. In 1980 he started working at Nayak in Cologne: at this time there were only 16 employees of what would one day become a company with many hundreds. At Nayak his role was initially that of a technician doing Base maintenance. Later, he would go on to set up and become the lead in running the Engine repair shop. In the next few years, he went on to achieve his Diploma as an aircraft inspector and became the station manager at Stuttgart after Nayak expanded their services into line management in 1989. Soon the line maintenance business started growing and Alfred found himself the Line Maintenance Manager for Germany. But this wouldn’t be the end for Alfred: he grew to become Technical Director and Director of Line Maintenance International (incl. Netherland and Italy). Finally, he achieved the role of President of the Board of Nayak Italy and Manager and managing Director for Nayak Italy, France, Portugal and Spain. Truly an amazing career that many can aspire to!

Alfred has truly seen the ups and the downs and the growth of Nayak over the years. Considering this, I asked Alfred what he had valued most at Nayak and what he had liked best about working here. He answered that he had always liked the fact that at Nayak, it felt like you were part of a “large family” everybody was there for each other when they needed it and supported each other. Together everybody worked hard at the goal to make Nayak the leading, independent, line maintenance provider. When asked about his most memorable moments at Nayak, he was quick to answer that it was probably the Management Buy Out of the owners German Larrabe and Herbert Busch. He admits that this was a very brave step by the owners: but one that certainly proved to be the correct one in terms of the company’s future. Another great memory was of all the celebrations and events he took part in at Nayak as well as the opportunity to travel the world on business trips. He had the opportunity to meet countless new people, many of whom remain his good friends till today.

In general, he looks back on the aviation industry very positively and feels that it is much like a large, world-wide family in which things like religion, politics and other things that may divide us, are no longer important. He sees it as a great environment to have worked in and can say honestly that he enjoyed every day that he went to work.

Having been with the company for so long, I asked Alfred what some of the biggest changes were that he experienced. He took a moment to consider and then replied that the biggest changes over the years was probably the growth and expansion of Nayak as well as that of our clients and partners. This exponential growth has meant that it is no longer possible to meet and get to know everybody personally as he had once done. Keeping in contact becomes more difficult. Decisions often must go through several people and thus take longer. This is of course completely normal when you consider Nayaks employee number now totals over 700 people. Of course, this growth has also had the effect that Nayak is now more professional, decisions taken can be questioned more efficiently and more employees can offer valuable ideas. Nayak has become more modern and well positioned in the overall market!

Looking back at his time at Nayak I asked Alfred if he had any good advice for colleagues that may have just started with the company or haven’t been with Nayak for long. He hesitated at first to give advice as he assured me that each person was certainly already good at their job but in the end wanted to give some advice that came from the heart. “In everything you do, remember the others around you, be fair to each other, respectful, everybody is a part of the whole. Only by working together with teamwork, you can achieve success. Make sure it’s the person that is important and not the profit.

Finally, I asked Alfred how retirement was treating him, 2 months after his last day. He grinned and admitted that after 41 years in the business its not so easy to let go. He often still thinks of certain projects, their developments over the last few months, especially during the Corona crisis and how much work will still be invested in them. He finds it hard sometimes to get used to the fact that he doesn’t have any appointments and often catches himself thinking about what needs to get done for the day, only to (happily) realize that he doesn’t have any more appointments! He sometimes misses his colleagues and working closely with them on a day-to-day basis. However, he now also has more time for his hobbies, more time to ride on his motorcycle and for his friends. Right now, he is spending a lovely holiday with his wife in the South of Tirol and Italy!

It seems that Alfreds well deserved pension is treating him well. I want to take this opportunity to thank Alfred Wengler himself for this extensive interview and wish him all of the best in his future days of retirement! We appreciated all your hard work Alfred!

We are pleased to announce that our station at Nuremberg is opening tomorrow!

22 July 2021

What many don’t know? Nuremberg was Nayaks first station in Germany exactly 40 years ago. Back in 1981, Nayak was

already offering reliable and efficient service, focusing mainly on Metroliners for NFD ( now known under the name Eurowings) and now we are back and once again our focus will be on narrow-bodied aircrafts. Of course our capabilities don’t stop there: we offer a broad range of services for all our clients and are currently present at 48 stations internationally.

Nayak receives new UK maintenance approval certification

19 July 2021

Nayak is proud to announce that they have been issued the UK.145.01476 maintenance certification for the Netherlands. This means that our talented team will now be able to perform safety maintenance for aircrafts registered in the UK after the post-Brexit transition period. After Brexit, the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has issued a grace period till 31-12-22 after which the previous European (EASA NL.145.1306) maintenance approval will no longer be valid. It is therefor of the utmost importance that maintenance companies secure this certification. Nayak leads in this regard, by taking an early lead to secure we will also, in the future, be able to perform a trusted and accredited service for our clients.

This certification applies to all stations from the Dutch entity. Nayak Italy has had this certification since the 1st of January 2021 while at Nayak Germany this certification process is still ongoing.

Nayak Spain and Vueling Airlines establish Joint Venture ‘Yellow Technic’

23 June 2021

From September 2021, Nayak will provide Vueling with line maintenance services at its main Barcelona base through Yellow Technic by Nayak, an innovative Part 145 joint venture established by Nayak Spain and Vueling itself.

“As the leading independent European MRO solutions provider, we are proud to have won this very competitive contract in Barcelona” says Sergio Scalera, Nayak Spain Managing Director and project leader for the Vueling bid. Supplying maintenance on the home base to the Airbus A320-family narrow bodies commits Nayak to ambitious levels. To provide line maintenance and scheduled overnight maintenance for Vueling’s fleet, Yellow Technic will employ about 200 staff.

Nayak WAW receives award from AMECO Beijing

06 April 2021

Our WAW station received a welcome surprise last week. They were awarded for their excellent services  by AMECO Beijing. Although the smiles were not visible behind the masks, we are thankful for receiving this award and look forward to continueing our pleasant cooperation with AMECO / Air China.

To all the members of the WAW team:

Gratulacje i dziękujemy za wasz wielki wysiłek!

Nayak supports Eurowings at Salzburg

24 March 2021

Our SZG station is fully up and running after the opening at the beginning of 2021. We are proud to assist our customer Eurowings with full Line-Maintenance support on their fleet and look forward to continuing our cooperation with Salzburg Airport.

“Salzburg is a strategic and important station for the future expansion of Nayak. Even during these difficult times with the ongoing pandemic, we have managed to extend our network and create extra jobs in the Salzburg region. We are looking forward to the close cooperation with the airport and other airlines”, says Jörg Sauerland, Managing Director of Nayak.

Richard Brunthaler (Operational Manager Nayak-LM Austria GmbH) together with Betting Ganghofer (Salzburg Airport)

Read the full press release from Salzburg Airport on their website.

Press release Salzburg Airport.

Nayak-LM Germany selects Zufall Logistic as their nominated forwarder

05 March 2021

Nayak-LM Germany GmbH has selected Zufall Aerospace Global Logistics as their nominated forwarder to build a scalable, global and elongated business association. The partnership agreement was signed February 2021 with the prime focus to interfuse endeavor and provide exquisite logistic solutions for our customers.

Zufall Aeropace will be handling all the shipments and providing dedicated aerospace expertise in customs formalities, 24/7 AOG support, special deliveries and much more to the stations of Nayak-LM Germany.

Press release Nayak & Zufall

Embrear E190 Course B1 / B2 seats available

16 February 2021

On short notice Nayak Technical Training offers course places (sit-in) for Embraer 190 with GE CF-34 engines.

The maintenance course is in compliance with Commission Regulation (EU) No 1321/2014 Annex III (Part-66), Appendix III “Type Training and examination Standard” and is a mechanics/electrics course according to ATA 104 level III for mechanics and avionics systems.

The online theoretical course will be held from the 1st of March 2021 until the 13th of April after which two days of examination follow at our facility in Dusseldorf. The On Job Training (OJT) will be held between the 19th of April and the 30th of April in Frankfurt.

Interested parties can contact

Press release E190 Maintenance Training.

Aeromates GmbH & Nayak sign partnership for wheels and brakes maintenance

23 January 2021

On January 22nd 2021, Nayak and AeroMates established a promising partnership. “In the future, customers will be able to obtain all aircraft maintenance-related services from a single source, thus shortening downtimes and ultimately reducing our customers’ costs.
We are pleased to be able to expand our portfolio in the “wheels and brakes” maintenance area,” says Mr. Sauerland, Managing Director of Nayak. “Complete solutions for our customers are our main focus. Together with our new partner AeroMates, we can offer value-added savings for our customers, especially in these difficult times,” the manager added.

Press release Aeromates & Nayak

Nayak new certification UK.145.01404 – Brexit

01 January 2021

Nayak is pleased to announce it has been granted UK.145.01404 certification from the British CAA.
With Brexit fully effective, this means that UK-registered Nayak customers and operators of “Golf”-registered aircraft can continue to have work performed directly by Nayak under its UK certificate.
UK certification, culminated in CAA Form 4 approvals for Nayak Quality and Maintenance Managers, completes a process launched two years ago.
The certification also lays the basis for future Nayak expansion in the UK.

Please see the official press release here:
Press release Nayak UK.145.01404

easyJet and Nayak sign long term maintenance contract in Milan Malpensa

14 October 2020

easyJet and Nayak consolidate their own collaboration through extending the contract for Line Maintenance in Milano Malpensa (MXP) up to the 2025.
This valuable collaboration is lasting since almost 15 years always with the highest performance level.

We are proud to start this new commitment with easyJet aiming to achieve further collaboration.

Please see the official press release here:
Press release Nayak-easyjet MXP

Eurowings and Nayak sign contract for Dusseldorf

2 October 2020

Eurowings and Nayak have signed an extensive long-term maintenance contract for their station in Düsseldorf. This contract specifies services within the new line maintenance concept of the airline, which will be offered centralized in Düsseldorf.
“Efficient processes paired with operational stability, the highest quality and the required cost efficiency are our strengths which convinced Eurowings to sign the contract. We are very happy to have this renowned airline as our customer and are looking forward to further developing our cooperation,” says Jörg Sauerland, Managing Director of Nayak.
In addition, Nayak will also take care of AOG situations (Aircraft on Ground). This includes scheduled and unscheduled maintenance events such as complex structure repairs, landing gear changes or the implementation of Service Bulletins, as well as the handling of AOGs within the entire Eurowings network. “We are determined to stick to our already established expansion course even in these crucial market conditions, to strengthen our standing as the largest airline-independent MRO provider in Europe, while keeping focus on the highest customer satisfaction,” says Sauerland.

Please see the official press release here:
Press Release Eurowings-Nayak

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