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As Europe’s largest airline independent MRO service provider, Nayak offers its services at 50 stations in 16 different countries across the continent for over 70 different aircraft types. With main bases is Düsseldorf, Amsterdam and Milan as well as a network of line maintenance stations, Nayak is able to provide line maintenance support for your aircraft wherever you require assistance. In addition, our flexible team is able to support on AOG basis, being able to reach any airport within Europe to bring your aircraft back to service.

With 48 years of experience, Nayak is your maintenance partner of choice.

The Nayak Group consists of three legal entities that work together towards a common vision of being the leading company when it comes to safe operational support and the highest degree of flexibility. Whenever you choose to fly to a new destination, it is Nayaks goal to support you with aircraft maintenance from the very start.

Nayak believes that people are paramount. There can be no weak links when you are responsible for millions of euros worth of machinery, when you are responsible for the safety of crew and passengers, when there is no corporate machine to hide behind and your business hinges on customer satisfaction. Each Nayak team consists of highly trained, dedicated professionals who understand their job and the industry; driving results to improve your business.

Nayak holds a variety of international acknowledged certificates, among others EASA Part-145, EASA Part-147, FAA Repair Station. Please refer to “Services/Capabilities” for an extensive overview.



Our collaboration with nearly all the great airlines in Europe underscores our relevance in the market, demonstrates steady growth, and proves that our business concept works. The succession at NAYAK will guarantee that this will remain the case for a long time to come.

Nayak-LM GmbH

Marco Smit
Boris Liffers

Nayak-LM Germany GmbH

Managing Directors:
Jörg Sauerland / Sven Hofmann

Nayak-LM Austria GmbH

Managing Directors:
Jörg Sauerland / Sven Hofmann

Nayak-LM Netherlands GmbH

Managing Directors:
Marco Smit / Stephane Klaver

Nayak Aircraft Services Italy S.r.L.

Managing Directors:
Sergio Scalera / Nicolò Calosso



The European growth of recent years is the result of a growth strategy, instead represents organic and anorganic growth on the basis of customer requirements.

Further growth is also structured in this way. Nayak is expanding where customers need services and where those services are economically practical.

Acquisitions are considered only when Nayak Quality Standards can be ensured 100%. Our own training organization and the Nayak Network ensures that the right people are always working in the right place.

Our certification by the EASA – PART 145 and PART 147 – including multiple certifications, ensures our unrestricted ability to act.



Nayak Aircraft Service was founded 1974, as a subsidiary of BAT-Air, for aircraft maintenance, the main areas being Rockwell Commander and Metroliner. In 1986 Nayak was taken over by NFD – Nürnberger Flugdienst. Nayak then expanded its activities to the NFD ATR fleet. At that time the company employed about 70 people. Due to the joint venture agreement between NFD and Air Europe, Nayak carried the sole responsibility for the maintenance of two B757 aircraft. Since this time Nayak has continually expanded its licenses.

In 1993 both NFD and Nayak were taken over by RFG, Dortmund. The joined companies were then renamed to Eurowings. Nayak was a major partner for the aircraft maintenance of Eurowings and was leading in the introduction of jets to the fleet. During this period Nayak expanded its business into the Line Maintenance area.

In 2017 Nayak was bought by a Group of private equity investors.

At the Beginning of 2018 the formerly activities of the Air Berlin Technik & training with its stations in Dusseldorf and Berlin and more than 200 employees joined Nayak-LM Germany.

Today Nayak is offering aircraft maintenance services in Europe for over 210 different customers:

Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and Turkey.

View OUR SERVICES booklet

Nayak provides extensive services throughout the Nayak network. A full overview is given in our booklet of services, which can be found here.

Since 1974

>45 years of experience in the MRO Network as private and airline independent organization serving worldwide carriers.


Nayak-LM GmbH
Nayak-LM Germany GmbH
DUS-Air-Cargo-Center/Eingang D
Frachtstrasse 26
DE-40474 Dusseldorf

The Netherlands

Nayak Aircraft Service Netherlands BV
San Franciscostraat 130-132
NL-1175RE Lijnden
The Netherlands


Nayak Aircraft Services Italy S.R.L.
Via Mario Castoldi SNC
IT-00054 – Fiumicino Aeroporto (RM)