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Line Maintenance


Line Maintenance

Line Maintenance is Nayak’s core business. Nayak performs line maintenance at each of its 55 stations in Europe, and at temporary locations where required. If today you decide to fly to a new destination, Nayak will be there for you. With this understanding of the customer needs, you will not find a better match for your operations.
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We provide the following line maintenance activities to our customers:

  • Transit assistance :
    • Pre-Flight check & Pre-Departure Assistance,
    • Re-Fueling Assistance,
    • Assistance during Pushback & Engine Start,
    • Assistance during de/anti-icing.
  • Servicings :
    • Fluids, Nitrogen & Oxygen.
  • Night-Stop Handling,
  • Line checks (Daily & Weekly),
  • Defect rectification,
  • Security sealing,
  • A Checks – Apron & Hangar,
  • Engine Performance Wash,
  • Engine Change,
  • Borescopes & On-Site Sheet Metal Repairs,
  • AOG Support (24/7),
  • Around the clock shifts, 7 days a week, 24 hours. 

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Phone: +49 (0) 211 5424 65 51

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Nayak provides extensive services throughout the Nayak network. A full overview is given in our booklet of services, which can be found here.

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