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Special services

NAYAK at DUS can provide hangar space and has many qualified and experienced engineers who are able to perform special services. Within our network also special services can be provided on AOG basis. Do not hesitate to get in contact with our sales team to discuss all the possibilities.


To prevent clogged waste lines, which can cause flight delays and high costs due to manpower and cleaning, Nayak offers a new innovative way of waste line cleaning. Instead of using current common ways like using acid & crushed ice or tube removal, we use WaliClean. With the self-monitoring system, using citric and warm water, the waste line system can fully be cleaned during a night stop. This method reaches the complex regions of the system and can be performed within 5 hours maintenance time.


Aircraft Wash Services

At AMS, BCN, BRU, CDG, ORY, LYS, MRS, TLS, BLQ, FCO, MXP, NAP and DUS we offer the following washes on ramp, with a response time of up to 24 hours. Details of our wash services can be provided upon request.

  • Deep clean
  • Dry wash
  • Wet wash
  • Technical wash

Engine Services

Nayak can perform extensive maintenance for engines, for example borescope inspections. Borescope inspections are an essential part to ensure that aircraft engines are serviceable and can provide the power and efficiency they are designed for. With a borescope inspection Nayak is able to check the engine interior for damages without removing the engine from the aircraft. Our mobile and experienced staff are approved to perform borescope inspection for several Airbus, Boeing, Embraer and Bombardier engines as well as APUs. For the A320 series and the B737 NG borescope blending can be provided in addition. If required a full video Borescope and engine preservation service is available for example for engine lease returns.

Engine Wash

Nayak uses the EPW 250-70 Engine Performance Wash System for engine washes. This is a full self-contained wash system mounted into a Volkswagen Crafter and it is designed to clean aircraft engine fan and compressor blades, from dirt such as sand, mud, dust and pollen in accordance with related AMMs. Nayak performs Engine Performance Washing by injection of water and/or mixed water-detergent for fast and easy accomplishment of the Aircraft maintenance program requirements, including polluted fluid collection and recycling for a green friendly operation. It is able to provide a water flow up to 60lt/min, 4,5 atm and 75°Celsius.

By using this mobile unit, we provide a flexible, fast, lean, green and cost saving engine wash service.

Sheet Metal Repairs

Aviation materials are very long-lasting and provide several advantages regarding fatigue and corrosion. But even these materials still wear down and get damaged. Nayak has the capability to offer sheet metal repairs apart from the aircraft within our full equipped sheet metal shop in Dusseldorf. Our shop capability list includes various primary and secondary aircraft structure parts and can be extended if required. We provide several repairs and modification in accordance with approved documents like Component Maintenance Manuals (CMMs) or Service Bulletins (SB).

Structure Repairs

Nayak has capability to perform large structural repairs like for example doubler and tripler repairs, lightning strike repairs, stringer and frame repairs within our base facility in Dusseldorf. Our well skilled and experienced team is always committed to work out repair solutions within the approved structure repair manuals or in conjunction with Airbus, Boeing and Bombardier engineering. Within our several years of business Nayak had the chance to gain experience on complex structure repairs and modifications like A320 rib number 5 mod, A320 wing skin splitting, A330 vertical fin modification. Recently Nayak replaced half of the chord from the aft pressure bulkhead on a Boeing 737 aircraft, a task which has only been performed once before in the world. In doing so we brought a potentially scrapped aircraft back into service. Smaller repairs can also be done onsite and on AOG basis.

NDT Services

NDT inspections are commonly required after structure damages or during standard maintenance work. Nayak holds a valid approval for following NDT types, Liquid Penetrant Inspection (PT), Ultrasonic Inspection (UT) and Eddy Current Inspection (ET) up to and including Level III. Our mobile and highly specialized team is qualified according to EASA Part 145.A.30 and European/American standard EN 4179/NAS 410. NDT services can be provided as part of line, base and shop maintenance for all aircraft types and airports across Europe. Services can also be provided on AOG basis.

Component Services

Component Maintenance can be offered within a limited scope. The ratings are provided for many items according market needs. Please get in touch with the sales support team in order to receive a personalized offer.

Other services

Next to the above-mentioned services, Nayak is looking forward to review your request for line or specialized base maintenance. We will review and advise the possibilities for each Nayak location.



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Nayak provides extensive services throughout the Nayak network. A full overview is given in our booklet of services, which can be found here.

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