New managing Directors

Our collaboration with nearly all the great airlines in Europe underscores our relevance in the market, demonstrates steady growth, and proves that our business concept works. The succession at NAYAK will guarantee that this will remain the case for a long time to come. Nayak LM GmbH is actually headed by its new shareholders. Nayak Germany is headed by Dr. Boris Liffers and Johann Heitzmann as Managing Directors.

Johann Heitzmann

Shareholder, Managing Director
Nayak LM GmbH & Nayak LM Germany GmbH

Marco Smit

Managing Director
Nayak Aircraft Service Netherlands BV

Sergio Scalera

Managing Director
Nayak Aircraft Services Italy S.r.l.




Alfred Wengler

Director Line Maintenance International
CEO - Nayak Aircraft Services Italy S.r.l.