Nayak Base Maintenance Cologne Materials

For many of our customers, modern warehousing means outsourcing a part
of their consignment stocks to NAYAK. That means that everything is on hand
when needed. In our approximately 700 sqm storage space, we store not only about 10 000 of our own spare aircraft parts for all the popular regional aircraft,
but also stocks for numerous customers. From the receipt of goods to withdrawal from stock, we administer the entire consignment stock exactly in accordance with the specifications of the respective customer. For administration we use state-of-the-art EDP technology and, of course, work with replacement part search engines, such as Partsbase or ILS. That enables us to process all queries quickly. As a rule, requested spare parts are shipped on the same day. If a part should happen to
be out of stock, our good connections to manufacturers ensure that the necessary replacement parts are available within a very short time. After all: time is money.