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Wednesday, 4. December 2013

Start of Nayak Station ORY

On 03rd October 2013 Nayak Aircraft Services is pleased to announce the start of a further Nayak Station in France. Once again the Italian Nayak Team successfully setup and run the Nayak Station ORY – Orly in France. NAYAK welcomes their customer eas...Read the complete article

Friday, 29. November 2013

New Nayak Station LYS

On 26th November 2013 Nayak Italy is pleased to announce the opening of a further Nayak Station in France. The Nayak Team proved flexibility and was able to setup and run the station in less than a week. NAYAK welcomes their customer easyJet and star...Read the complete article

Thursday, 28. November 2013

New Approval

On the 25th November 2013 Nayak Aircraft Service GmbH & Co. KG received the Nigerian Approval by the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authorities (NCAA). We are proud that we got this approval in a very short period. NAYAK is  looking forward to supp...Read the complete article


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