Tuesday, 21. May 2013

Fokker Services and NAYAK join forces in FLYFokker partnership

Hoofddorp, The Netherlands, May 21st 2013

The partnership between Fokker Services and NAYAK broadens the range of services offered in the various FLYFokker programs. The partnership focuses on Line Maintenance services, leading to further improvement of the reliability and availability of the customers’ fleet.

The FLYFokker program was launched in 2009 and consists of cost-effective aircraft and service solutions for start-up, mature and phase-out operators. Since the launch of the program, numerous of airlines around the world have started operating Fokker aircraft.

The FLYFokker program encompasses a full scope of services that cover the supportive needs of Fokker operators throughout the life cycle of the fleet. The program consists of four support solutions namely: Take Off, Take Care, Take Over and Take Next. The program is based on Fokker Services’ extensive experience in providing support.

“At Fokker Services we are dedicated to ongoing improvement of the FLYFokker program, aimed at keeping Fokker aircraft in continued competitive operation”, says Heino van der Laan, Vice President Marketing & Sales: “Now, with adding NAYAK as a FLYFokker partner, our mutual customers will be offered a more comprehensive package to successfully manage their start-up or mature operation.”

Patrick Morcus, Managing Director Nayak Aircraft Service Netherlands: “Our partnership with Fokker is a huge step forward in line with our strategy to cooperate with the OEM’s on worldwide support. As a partner in the FLYFokker program we bring in our fifteen years of experience of line maintenance up to C-checks. NAYAK knows how to improve the performance on the Fokker fleet, while reducing the overall maintenance costs.”

About Nayak Aircraft Services

Nayak Aircraft Services is an independant aircraft maintenance provider founded in 1974. Anno 2013, the company operates in Austria, Finland, Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Spain, Italy, Poland, Russia and the United States. Furthermore the company has the following approvals: FAA, Bermuda, EASA Part 145, EASA Part 21, EASA Part 147, EASA Part M, Aruba, Bahrain, Bermuda, Egypt, Georgia, Jordan, Mongolia, Russia and Ukraine.

About Fokker Services

Fokker Services is part of Fokker Technologies, which develops and produces advanced components and systems for the aerospace industry, and supplies integrated maintenance services and products to aircraft owners and operators. In 2012 the group achieved a turnover of € 769 million with 4,950 employees.

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