Line and Base Maintenance

NAYAK provides scheduled & unscheduled maintenance, Airframe-, Engine-, Avionic- and other System repairs.

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Line Services & AOG Support

AOG Business Jet Maintenance CGN / EDDK | KLU / LOWK
24/7 Mobile +49 163 6995 089

These services include Cleaning, Hydraulic Service, Nitrogen Service, Engine Oil Service, Oxygen System Service, Tire Pressure Service, TKS System Service, Tire and Brake Wear Check, Record APU Hours, Technical Assistance and AOG support.

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Engineering & Design, Part 21

NAYAK is a national development organization under EASA Part 21. Our Engineering & Design department provides solutions for individual needs. We already developed EASA STC»s for HID landing lights, satcoms and coffee makers.

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CAMO Services

We offer full CAMO Services and take over the responsibility for the continuing airworthiness of the aircraft. In 2010 we enlarged our scope of CAMO to the aircraft type Phenom 100.

Buy & Sell Guidance

Whether buying or selling an aircraft - NAYAK stands for expert guidance and advice. We monitor aircraft values and maintenance costs, we review technical reports and purchase surveys, federal regulations, European (EASA) and United States (FAA) registration/de-registration and tax laws.

Wheel, Brake, Tire & Battery Repair and Storage

In our Component Service Center we repair and overhaul wheels, brakes and tires and offer storage space. Moreover we have a battery shop where we perform tests on NiCad batteries.

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It is our goal to consistently provide the highest level of service options to our Business Jet customers. Our strategy is to focus on reducing maintenance ground time in order to maximize utilisation.

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